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Labels & Tags API

January 18, 2024

Labels & Tags API

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Alex Grinman

We've released two new APIs:

  • Label API — this is a very simple endpoint you should call to “Label” the user (i.e. their internal standing on your product). For instance, once they complete checkout and are in good standing you can label them active. If they turned out to be fraudulent and you removed them, label them offboard_fraud. Finally for any other reason you may have onboarded them, you can label them: offboard_other. These will show in the dashboard and will also be used to improve fraud/behavior risks.
  • Tags API — another simple endpoint, similar to the Label API, but lets you use your own “labels” to add additional context to the user standing. For instance, if the user misses several payments..can tag them as delinquent. These tags will also be searchable/show inside the dashboard, and will soon be usable inside filters, user insights, and even the rules engine.