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We are bringing back trust to the internet.

At Footprint, we are putting people in control of their data to unlock a better internet built upon privacy and speed.

Spring 2023 Team RetreatTeam Activity
Spring 2023 Team Retreat

Our values

Footprint is a diverse company for people who want to have a meaningful role in changing issues we face every day. We approach each other with humility and empathy, and bring out the best in each other every day.

  • Intellectually curious

    We don’t want to just build a big company. We want to work on interesting problems, and think creatively about the world. Footprint is a team of passionate people who can speak for hours about almost any topic.

  • Lead with empathy

    Whether it is our team, customers, or even competitors, we understand everyone has a unique journey. Even critical to our design thinking is how can we put feeling into our product. We want to be respectful of all experiences and leave egos at the door.

  • Work hard, be happy

    To accomplish big goals, a lot of work will be required. At the same time, we believe that the journey would not be worth it if it wasn’t enjoyable. We support remote work across the globe, do frequent off-sites, and one time played a company-wide game.

  • Make mistakes and learn

    We give everyone on our team a ton of responsibility. With it, we will all make mistakes. We don’t just tolerate that, but we celebrate it. We don’t want to move fast and break things, especially when handling PII, but we want to empower team members to have a big impact.

  • No shortcuts to progress

    We take our mission seriously at Footprint. We want to build a better internet for people, not just businesses. As a result, we will never compromise on privacy, and will never remove people from control over their data, no matter the expense.

  • Reputation is built over years, but destroyed in a day

    We are asking companies and people to trust us with their most valuable digital asset: their identity. We must earn your trust over years, but understand one mistake can erode it all in an instant. We strive to never be complacent and always try to do better.

Our team

We value diverse ideas and backgrounds. We hail from multiple countries and include some of the earliest employees from companies such as Stripe, Robinhood, Brex, Fast, and Observe. We support remote work, provide generous benefits, and have tasteful yet enjoyable quarterly offsites!

  • Alex Grinman

    Alex Grinman

    Co-founder, CTO

  • Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee


  • Bruno Batista

    Bruno Batista


  • Claudio Angrigiani

    Claudio Angrigiani

    Design Engineering

  • D M Raisul Ahsan

    D M Raisul Ahsan

    Product Engineer

  • Dave Argoff

    Dave Argoff


  • Eli Wachs

    Eli Wachs

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Elliott Forde

    Elliott Forde


  • Ethan Lowman

    Ethan Lowman


  • Lucas Gelfond

    Lucas Gelfond


  • Mike Hreben

    Mike Hreben


  • Pedro Marques

    Pedro Marques


  • Peter Sweeney

    Peter Sweeney


  • Rafael Motta

    Rafael Motta


Join us!

Join us!

We are bringing interoperability and real security to the internet, by giving companies the tools to verify, authenticate, and secure identity with no friction, low cost, and unparalleled accuracy, and consumers the ability to live in a secure world that trusts and rewards them for being digital citizens. Footprint is a unified identity and privacy platform bringing one-click KYC powered by a strong cryptographic data vault.

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